"Ya don’t gotta keep sneakin’ out here, y’know."

"What, you don’t like my company?"

"I didn’t say that. I just don’t want ya gettin’ in trouble."

"Meh. I’m the Archagent. They don’t give a shit what I do so long as it doesn’t threaten Her Royal Bitch’s rule."


"I never see you during the day anymore."

"The city feels too cramped ‘n’ crowded nowadays. It’s hard ta get around. I wish I’d stop growin’ already."

"How do you know you’re still growing?"

"My shell plates itch a lot. They say it’s growin’ pains."

"I wouldn’t know, I don’t get those anymore. Pretty sure this is as tall as I’m gonna get."

"Heh. Shrimp."

"Hey fuck you. Everyone’s a shrimp compared to you, ya land mass."


"I guess we’re just gonna have to build a new city, then. One that’s big enough for your giant spiky ass."

"Build a new city?"

"Yeah. After the war’s over, we’ll move offa Derse. Make our own city, with our own rules. And no huge bitch to boss us around. We can bring DD and CD with us."


"And we can get you some damn clothes that actually fit. No more collars."

"That sounds real nice."

"It’s gonna happen. You’ll see."




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